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TTAA Series Listing

Listed below are the canonical issues to the T.T.A.A. series.

First Series

1-1 cover

1-1: Problem Child
A confrontation during a school anti-drug lecture leads the Teen Titans to believe that Jesse -- and, later, his older brother Dave -- are endangering their own lives with their addiction problems. (N.B.: This is a marked up version of the third Drug Awareness Issue published by DC Comics.)
1-2 cover
1-2: They're Asses
Dave and Jesse escape from rehabilitation and unwittingly exploit a loophole in the Superhero code of laws, preventing themselves from being recaptured -- and killed -- by the Titans.
1-3 cover
1-3: Their Revenge
Wanton behavior from Dave and Jesse's rapidly growing drug enterprise evokes a response from a group of civic-minded citizens. The creators of the T.T.A.A. series write themselves into the story to help Dave and Jesse fight other Superheroes.
1-4 cover
1-4: The Computer Masters of Metropolis Strike Back!
Superhero Genius friends Alec and Shanna hatch a plot to destroy all drug addicts on the planet.
1-5 cover
1-5: Addicts in Space
Dave and Jesse create Snuffer's Enterprises, which spreads internationally...even space-farers from the 23rd century take interest. Alec launches a missile to destroy S.E.
1-6 cover
1-6: B.C. Follies
As Snuffer's Enterprises recruits more members, it also devises a scheme to make money by interfering with events in Earth's prehistory. Meanwhile, due to a lull in criminal activity, the Titans decide to time-travel as well...to the exact same moment!
1-7 cover
1-7: D.C. Follies
The Teen Titans yet again time travel-- this time, to see the Snuffer's Enterprises of the future. Their reaction is so fierce, the Snuffer's Enterprises of the present has to become politically active to protect itself.
1-8 cover
1-8: Revenge: Unanimous
A changing political clime allow the superheroes and their friends to enact plots of revenge against Snuffer's Enterprises. Unfortunately for them, the plots end up backfiring.

Second Series

2-1 cover
2-1: Plague!
A gang of addicted kids are affected by the overdose-related death of an older boy. (N.B.: This is a doctored version of the first Drug Awareness Issue published by DC Comics.)
2-2 cover
2-2: The Other Side
Faking cureness from drugs, Debbie O'Hara leads the gang of kids in a search to find her missing brothers Dave and Jesse.
2-3 cover
2-3: The Meet
Debbie finally meets Dave and Jesse, but so does their mother...and the Teen Titans.
2-4 cover
2-4: Generations
S.E. expands horizontally into new markets and eats into the Superheroes' sources of income. Naturally, every Superhero on Earth is upset.
2-5 cover
2-5: Quotable Quotes/The Leftovers
Selected scenes from the first and second series are updated and presented in the first part of this issue. In the second part, the U.S. military attempts to destroy S.E.

The S.E. Trilogy Series

Tril-1 cover
Tril-1: D-Day
A religious zealot escapes from Hell and wages a holy war of biblical proportions against S.E. The Titans perform a supporting role.
Tril-2 cover
Tril-2: S.E. On Top?
Only the country of Cuba stands in the way of S.E.'s global domination of the drug market, so S.E. decides to assassinate Fidel Castro by a daring covert operation.
T-3 cover
Tril-3: Nothing Can Stop It Now
Aliens from outer space attempt to limit Snuffer's Enterprises' power on Earth.


S.E. in Hell cover
S.E. in Hell: The Asinine Comedy [Tril-4]
Are the deaths of his friends, the destruction of his company, and a journey into Hell itself a divine message to Jesse in the subject of humiliation? Or are there other reasons? The Superheroes attempt to finish off S.E. while it's down.

Third Series

3-1 cover
3-1: The New Era
S.E. struggles with changes in management, while the Superheroes test a powerful new resurrection machine that can turn the tide of battle in their favor.
3-2 cover
3-2: No Way Out
The Superheroes help their alien allies by doing something they usually loathe. Snuffer's Enterprises "catches wind" and chances on the resurrection machine plans.
3-3 cover
3-3: Duh...The Foes Fight
Prostrated by further exploitation of the loophole in the Superhero Laws, the Superheroes decide to pass an amendment and accept the consequences. (N.B.: 2 parts)
3-4 cover
3-4: J.J. Brown and the Superheroes of Gloom
A failed presidential candidate resurrects dead Superheroes who are willing to help him in his political cause.
3-5 cover
3-5: And Then There Was One
A disgruntled S.E. exec switches sides and kills off the others Agatha Christie style.
3-6 cover
3-6: Home Sweet Home
Snuffer's Enterprises attends a drug convention at the school where it was founded, only to find themselves victims of an elaborate plot of the Teen Titans.
3-7 cover
3-7: Teenage Mutant Ninja Asses
The Teen Titans get help from a Japanese company and their ninja as part of a new plan to destroy S.E.

Fourth Series

4-1 cover
4-1: Battle!
A recovering teenage drug addict named Ted Hart relapses. The Titans try to figure who his new dealers are in a somewhat detached side story. (N.B.: This is the second of the Drug Awareness Issues published by DC Comics.)
4-2 cover
4-2: Hart to Heart to Hart
Ted escapes from drug rehab and establishes a chain of porno stores as a front to fund an underground program devoted to destroying the Superheroes.
4-3 cover
4-3: Being High (On Nicotine)
An ex-smoker named Bruce is discovered to be back on the pack. A confrontation at an anti-smoking lecture leads the Titans to deduce that he is as dangerous as Jesse, and they take pre-emptive action.
4-4 cover
4-4: The S.H.C. Bites
Ted, Bruce, and S.E. meet and try to figure out how to deal with the Superheroes, who are now back at full strength.
4-5 cover
4-5: The Rope to Infinity
Snuffer's Enterprises gets further help from two wizards thawed out after being frozen for a millennium in space. The Superheroes retaliate.
4-6 cover
4-6: Problem Teens
Facing a growing threat and fearing imminent death, Snuffer's Enterprises comes up with a way to rid themselves of the Superheroes once and for all.

Fifth Series

5-1: Children of the Corn(y)
The children of the Superheroes learn of their parents' pasts and devise a plan to avenge their deaths, including breaking into S.E. to steal the resurrection machine.(N.B.: In development)
5-2 cover
5-2: Tron Bust
The New Superheroes use a computer virus to disable S.E.'s defenses, but they do not know that S.E. developed a means of bringing a person into the virtual world.
5-3: A Minor Tempest
A dormant survivor of the first generation of Superheroes wakens when S.E. decides to move to a nearby lake and pollute it. (N.B.: In development)
5-4: Record of Snuffers' Corps
A collection of short stories of the New Superheroes to subvert Snuffer's Enterprises, usually with the goal to steal the resurrection machine. From Roger With Love features an S.E. exec being seduced by a female Superhero. S.T.A.R. Labs Does it Again involves time-travel to 1983 to kill Jesse before S.E. even exists. Miami Synth features a small group of S.E. execs investigating disturbances at a warehouse in the drug capital of the U.S.A. The Ass and the Hole features another S.E. group against the Green Lanterns. In The Highest American Heroes, S.E. learns what it really means to be a superhero. (N.B.: In development)
5-5: Armageddon
The New Superheroes desperately set in motion a plan (traceable to J.J. Brown's plans) to destroy Snuffer's Enterprises, but with little regard to the future of Earth. (N.B.: In development)


Crisis of Infinite Reboots
Comic book writers make a stand against S.E.'s post-apocalyptic autocracy by pulling Superheroes in from other universes. Then, things get even weirder. (N.B.: In development)

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