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Selected Pages from Teen Titans Are Asses

Due to copyright issues and political incorrectness, there are certain stories that we will not post on the web site. However, many of the stories can be available by contacting Kent. This page presents some of the few stories or sequences we can make public.

“It's A Wonderful Ass”

Drawn in late 2006, this short story (18 pp) lies outside of the main TTAA timeline, but can fit around 3-1 to 3-3, or around 4-2N. It is Christmas eve, and the Teen Titans have just tried to destroy Reed, Jesse, Kent, and Kirby at “Middle Finger Enterprises” (a colloquial term for the headquarters of Snuffer's Enterprises; see the Series Page). Jesse used the standard method to protect MFE from the Titans, forcing them to retreat, and now the Teen Titans are stuck in nearby Rochester. WARNING: Contains language and scatological humor not suitable for children.

It's a Wonderful Ass front cover

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