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The Characters of TTAA

The Good(?) Guys:

  • Dave Owens
  • A drug addict, Dave is the oldest son of “Pops” and “Bitch” Owens. He's 17 years old at the start of the series (1983). The Teen Titans spent two months trying to cure him, but learned it was all for naught; Dave is just as addicted to drugs as ever.
  • Jesse Owens
  • Also a son of “Pops,” he is 13 at the beginning of the series. Like his older brother Dave, he fakes his cureness of drugs, making Protector and the Teen Titans want to kill the two. He unknowingly creates a means of preventing the superheroes from killing him. Jesse never really matures in the series, because he expects Dave to keep him in check.
  • Reed Meyer
  • Brother to the creator of the series, he joined up with Dave and Jesse shortly in the run. He takes over Dave's leadership position mid-way into the story (we apologize for stroking our egos).
  • Kent Meyer
  • Creator of the series, he and his brothers “write themselves” into the series early. They play an increasingly important role as the number of superheroes against S.E. increases.
  • Kirby Meyer
  • The twin brother of Kent. When Reed becomes President, Kent and Kirby act as foils for Reed's notably lengthy speeches...Kirby in particular.
  • “Pops”
  • History is somewhat obscure about “Pops” Owens. In his early-manhood years, he cheated on his wife and slept with every prostitute he laid eyes on! Therefore, he is the father of several key characters in the series, notably Dave and Jesse. Pops' wife, disgusted with the love affairs of Pops, has her own affair with Barry O'Hara, and gives birth to Debbie and Teddy O'Hara.
  • Debbie O'Hara-Owens
  • She is nearly the same age as Jesse, and escaped a rehab clinic with a few of her friends. She then joins up with Dave and Jesse and changes her last name in the following issue. Later on in the series, “Pops” finds a hidden past in Debbie.
  • Ted Hart
  • He's a cousin of the Teen Titan Protector, though he does not know it until later. He escapes from a hospital in the fourth series drug issue along with a few friends and creates an underground empire devoted to crushing superheroes, namely, Protector. Like Dave and Jesse, he faked his cureness. Ted's desire to annihilate the superheroes keeps him well-focused and adaptable, and he's wise enough not to become too obsessed in his work. Also, he has a sex fetish.
  • Bruce Milhiser
  • This smoker (not drug addict) creates a cigarette manufacturing company with a classic few friends. He didn't fake quitting his smoking habits. Instead, he simply decided one day to go back to smoking in secrecy from his wife.

    Other protagonists include: Drug Dude, an android created by Dave and Jesse, Henry Catlin, Roger Levine, Teddy O'Hara-Owens, Adam O'Conner, Brian Jones, and Coral Gianetti, Sheri Milhiser, Paul Milhiser, and Nick O'Teene.



    The Bad Guys (Superheroes):

  • Protector
  • Leader of the Teen Titans during the Drug Awareness issues and soon after the arch-enemy of Dave and Jesse Owens. He has no superpowers. He later seeks the death of Debbie O'Hara-Owens (Second series), Ted Hart (Fourth series), and Bruce Milhiser (also Fourth Series). His obsession to kill these individuals, in combination with his tight-fisted control of the Teen Titans, turns him into a bit of a crackpot. He becomes second banana to Superman once the superheroes as a whole become seriously involved.
  • Superman
  • He plays a minor role in the first series of TTAA, but later becomes the main leader of the Superhero Club, of which its primary mission is to stomp out Dave, Jesse, and Reed. In this series, because he's constantly in demand, Superman's wits are dulled and consequently he's not very creative.
  • Protector Jr.
  • Pro, Jr. is the only important Superhero conceived by Kent (as opposed to importing D.C. or Marvel superheroes). The son of the Protector and eventual leader of the New Teen Titans, he is much more intelligent than his father ever was. Unfortunately for him, he's pretty much the only intelligent one of his group.
  • Cyborg
  • Another member of the Teen Titans. He supplies most of the comic relief throughout the series.
  • Kid Flash/Speedy
  • Another Teen Titan. At the time, we did not have an adequate understanding of the New Teen Titans saga, so we thought Kid Flash and Speedy were the same person, Wally West (they both have curly red hair, for cryin' out loud! And the names “Kid Flash” and “Speedy”. . . never mind.) After we learned the truth, we came up with a bizarre scenario to explain the para-coexistence of these two. Wally ultimately dons the Speedy outfit and constantly flip-flops between the two costumes.
  • Raven
  • A New Teen Titan who has psychic powers.
  • Changeling
  • A Teen Titan who shapeshifts into animals and the like.
  • Starfire
  • An alien New Teen Titan who flies and shoots powerful laser bolts.
  • Wonder Girl
  • A teenage likeness to Wonder Woman. Also a Teen Titan.
  • Alec and Shanna Jones
  • Nuclear/mechanical/computer engineers (i.e., mega-nerds) who were befriended by the Superheroes long ago. The two frequently attempt to destroy Dave and Jesse using “technological warfare.” They are the only smart friends of the Superheroes all the way up to the Fifth Series, and it's a wonder why Dave and Jesse didn't try to get rid of them early on.

    Other superheroes include: Wonder Woman, Incredible Hulk, Zan and Jayna (and their pet Gleek), Spiderman, and Captain America.

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