Teen Titans are ASSES! (TTAA) is a series of issues satirizing modern-day superhero comics. In nearly every issue, the Protector and the Teen Titans hunt down two drug addicts named Dave and Jesse. Later, Debbie, Ted Hart, and even their own creators (Reed, Kent, and Kirby), join Dave and Jesse and commiserate with them against the superheroes.

Kent launched TTAA with a simple “bust” on an anti-drug comic book written by DC Comics in 1983, and it continues to this day with the help of his brothers Kirby and Reed. In a nutshell, it breaks the rules of modern-day comic book writing. Cursing, indecent exposure, and scatological humor are allowed. Political correctness is scoffed at. Weak comic book plot devices such as time-travel, alternate universes, and superhero rebirth are exposed and mocked. Furthermore, music jingles, commercials, and movies are parodied along the series' 20-year history.

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Click here for a Flash rendition of the credits to the future issue “Record of Snuffers Corp J”, a spoof of the credits to the anime “Cyborg 009”, 2001 edition (2.4 MB). Flash v10 or greater is recommended for music timing considerations.

Click here for a Flash rendition of a bumper, or insert, to the future issue “Record of Snuffers Corp J”, this one paying homage to the anime “Saint Seiya” (800 kB).

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