TTAA is a series of issues drawn by Kent -- and later with Kirby -- satirizing modern-day superhero comics. The issues were originally constructed page-wise in an unusual, newspaper-like "3-panel" format. 28 issues are considered "canonical" with 5 more still planned. Stories revolve around the 1980s' New Teen Titans, whose characters are enjoying a resurgence in popularity in modern TV/cinema.

A much more recent update to this series is on-going, drawn by Kirby in a standard 80s comic book format but digitized and colored with modern-day methods. There is no longer an intent to display the older series. However, it is possible that the newer, updated series will be presented here, at this website.

Launched in 1987, TTAA breaks rules (as established by the Comic Code Authority) of superhero comic book writing, and it pokes fun at the typical plot devices (time travel, rebirth, multiverse) used in the comic book industry. As a result of the decade in which it was first written, TTAA engenders personalities and plot situations characteristic of that time.

©1987-2019 Kent A. Meyer & Kirby J. Meyer.

Last modified: October 20, 2019.